MU contractors call for probe into the functioning of finance officer


IMPHAL, April 10: After the new finance office in-charge took office since 2011, several irregularities in developmental works of Manipur University have come to the fore, said Manipur University Contractor`™s Association Canchipur.

While addressing media persons this morning M Santamani General Secretary Manipur University Contractor`™s Association Canchipur said that though it is the only temple of higher education in the state working under Central government guidelines, Manipur University has became business cess pool of corruption because of the style of functioning of its finance department.

He further said that if the MU authorities has been turning a blind eye to matter, and the manner in which developmental works of infrastructures have been pursued in the university. `The A-Block of MU will soon turn into war zone because of the arbitrary manner the finance officer has been catering to the interests of certain individuals only.

Santamani appealed to the concern authorities of MU not to make such irresponsible persons and corrupt officers handle important matters, lest the Manipur University will slide to its own fall.

Shantamani also highlighted various irregularity of the MU finance department.

He further mentioned that the developmental files of MU infrastructure construction works are always in the custody of this office and delays have become routine.

He charged that even the recent incident of hostel up-roof collapse was due to the MU authority negligence in release of funds for the construction. Due to lack of funds the building in an incomplete state was exposed for several years to all seasons so its quality degenerated. The fault is not of the contractors, he clarified.


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