Nagaland Governor expresses hapiness over visiting Tingkao Ragwang Chapriak Phom


IMPHAL, April 28: P.B Acharya, the Governor of Nagaland, Assam and Tripura, has expressed his happiness to have visited the `Tingkao Ragwang Chapriak Phom (TRCP), Assam, Manipur and Nagaland at Chingmeirong, Imphal yesterday.

An official statement of the Governor stated that `The primordial religion of the Zeliangrong people known as Tingkao Ragwang Chapriak is a very old and vibrant form of religion like the `Sanatan Dharma` meaning an ancient and eternal religion . `The soul, the eternal life force is the God` and its existence is the manifestation of life`.

The Governor further expressed his gratitude to the president of the TRC, Meisonglung Pamei and his colleagues including Prof. Gangmumei Kamei, Chaoba Kamson, Henry Poute, D Kathuna, Kasim Ruivah and all the members of the TRCP for having been shown a warm reception in traditional way.

The Governor said that he has visited the temple of Ima Khunthokhanbi on the same day and participated in the Lai Haraoba festival of the Sylvan deity.

The vibrant festival associated with dancing and chanting of the evolution of nature and formation of human being is a joyous experience, he said adding that he belief that preserving this kind of vibrant festival and religious realm will bring a calm and peaceful atmosphere in Manipur called by the Japanese as `A flower on the lofty mountain`.


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