Oinam Doren`s “Chingda Satpi” featuring rising Meetei folk singer “Manka” released today


IMPHAL, April 1: Two well known groups Our Village` and `Laihui` jointly launched rising star Mangka`™s debut album Chingda Satpi at Imphal Hotel today. The album has eight songs which are improvised versions without compromising the originality of the songs.

`Outsiders will not be able to perform our cultural folk music and maintain the same traditional quality and style,` stated the Chief Guest, Padmashree Heisnam Sabitri, International Theatre Personality after warmly congratulating Mangka. She further said she genuinely appreciates the team for reviving and retaining our rich cultural folk among the young generation.

`I hope Mangka will continue to inspire other sprouting artist in the state,` she added.

Founder and managing director of the IMASI Foundation, L. Somi Roy, also graced the function as president. Speaking on the occasion he said `Manipur cultural authority resides in Manipur and cannot necessarily be determined by Sanskriti awards alone.`

He also underscored the need for setting up a folk music department and lamented the absence of effort to preserve and promote the place`™s rich folk music tradition. `We should relearn to appreciate, respect and admire our roots,` he added.

`It takes the perfect blend of both talent and marketing to make our rich local folk traditions visible in the national and international arenas` Doren Oinam, well known flim maker and the man behind Manka`™s debut album said.

He further said Mangka`™s songs are available online in itunes as well as in Times Music already.

`It has spread to Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, America and England and popularly used as a ringtone and hello tune too,` he said adding, `Surely she is our present cultural Ambasador!`

The occasion was enthralled by folk music performance from very young artists to a packed audience of Mangka`™s admirers.

The audience was joined by Nawang and Rebok from North East Bus, the well-known promoters of north east artists.


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