RPF ridicules Cong leaders` Khongjom Day speech


IMPHAL, April 27: The Peoples`™ Revolutionary Front (RPF) has strongly reacted that the recent speech of the Congress leaders who the organisation referred to as `colonial stooges`, during the Khongjom Day celebration, was not only a clear indication of betraying Manipur but also further put it under the subjugation of the colonial rule.

A statement issued by Roben Khuman, secretary Publicity of the outfit, stated that Manipur has never been a part of the Union of India but forcibly annexed into the latter`™s union in 1949 in collusion with the Congress party of the time.

Further referring to the speech addressed during the Kongjom Day celebration, it said that if the so called representatives of the people had some integrity left in them and believed in the true aspiration of the people, they would have not misinterepreted the history of Manipur.

Branding the Indian Union as the second British raj, it said the revolutionary war still continues even today to liberate Manipur from the colonial rules of India, as was the case in 1891 Khongjom war, a revolutionary movement to regain the lost sovereignty of Manipur from the hands of British. Every fallen place of these Manipuri heroes should be respected, it added.

Further branding Manipur Congress Party as class collaborator of India, it said the vested interest leaders of the Congress who are responsible for the loss sovereignty of Manipur.

It is a shame that such leaders are paying tribute at such sanctified memorial of the martyrs of Manipur, it continued.

The RPF further held that only stooges of Delhi can describe Manipur as an independent state.

It steadfastly opposed that the so called Merger Agreement signed on September 21, 1949 can be called a Merger Agreement but Annexation as the agreement was signed without any plebiscite or people`™s referendum.

Moreover, it said that on 1993 October the people of Manipur under the banner `National Convention on Manipur Merger` has also resolved that the agreement was not Merger but annexation as it lack legal validity.

It pointed out that after Manipur was annexed its political status from being Asiatic Sovereign State was turned into Part C state followed by territorial council, Union territory and later granted the statehood. Nevertheless, this transformation came much later while the rest of India had gone through several years ahead of their five years plans and policies, it said.

Manipur`™s territory was 22,356 sq km even 22 years after she was granted statehood under the Indian Union. Unfortunately, Manipur`™s territory has been reduced 22,327 sq km, it said adding that it questioned were the remaining 29 sq km had gone?

In order to sincerely protect and safeguard the territory of a state the pre-requisite is a highly diplomatic politics not lip service. The mere response that the Assam Rifles have been given the task of safeguarding the territory of Manipur is obvious enough that Manipur`™s territorial boundary is under constant threat, it asserted.

In the meantime, the RPF also said that it has become a common phenomenon to blame the revolutionary movement for any human casualties in the event of any bomb blast in the state.

It reminded that RPF always asked for apology from people in case of any civilian casualty inflicted during its attack on colonial forces.

However, the series of attack that a made to look like targeting civilians is nothing but device by the colonial rules using its forces, a bomb politics, to counter any anti-AFSPA movement or to revised the disturbed area status, it held.


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