Treasury department needs to correct the general perception of it being most corrupt: RK Nimai


IMPHAL, April 19: As general perception that the treasury department is the most corrupt department, where without tips paid no file moves, can impact the administration of state. This being the case, the treasury office needs to correct the perception said Dr RK Nimal consultant to government of Manipur.

Speaking as chief guest in a function at the 5th annual get together of treasury department at the MFDC hall toady, he further said that in our society the general perception is that the police, engineering, treasury departments etc take money for any file to move. This will have big impact on the administration of state government, he added.

A book by the director treasury Kirankumar Thokchom, titled entitled `Compilation on Government of Manipur-Decisions and Instructions` was also released on the occasion.

`We should adopt a system to by which to identify and declare which MCS, IAS, IFS officers etc are the most corrupt among the top official of state periodically. If such a system is adopted in our service, the perception might decease. Such branding may not affect their service record of the particular officers, but will be a deterrent against corruption,` Nimai said.

Nimai further said that if the head of a department is corrupt, the rest of his subordinate officers are also likely to become corrupt. We know that our state is a very small and therefore also know who are deadwoods or corrupt, he said.

He further said that even four or five corrupt officers will spoil the image of 60 or 70 officers. We have to then bring about a situation whereby the reputation of the honest officers are left untouched by the corruption of a few dishonest officers.

Commenting on Kirankumar`™s book entitled `Compilation on Government of Manipur-Decisions and Instructions`, he said it is the most important document for officer of the state.

He further said that such a compilation is especially important for local officer of the states. Outside officers don`™t dedicate all their 35 years of service to the state as they always look for deputation etc. This being the case, for good administration of state, we need local officers, he said.

Local officers have to know the rules and regulations thoroughly to lead the administration of state. We need to go through this book, he said. `Junior officer should at least go through the whole content of the book to acquaint themselves with the working of the administration` he further said.

After merger with India in 1949, Manipur got statehood on January 21, 1972. Till then our state was not empowered to enact laws in the state. But after statehood the ageing Indian laws came to be in force in the functioning of government departments. The most important task now is to look for suitable amendments of the rule and guidance, and for this the book released today is vital, he said.

He said violations of norms set by the Manipur Assembly continue. Elaborating, he said during 2014-15 financial years the state`™s account had a positive balance of Rs. 163 crores and on April 1 got the share of Rs. 212 crores of the state, but by evening the balance shrunk to Rs. 60 crores only, which is not even able to meet pension liabilities. He said the huge withdrawal or sanction on April 1, 2015 violated the occupation act of the state legislature.

The government violating the act it created is a sign of lack of governance, and this is sure to lead to anarchy in the state said Nimai.

I K Bongpui former joint director treasury, N Sarat managing director of Manipur State Power Corporation Limited, N Ashokumar secretary to chief minister, Kirankumar Thokchom director Treasury and Accountant were the other dignitaries present in today`™s function.


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