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UNLF resolves fraud case after Diana and family confess to party

IMPHAL, April 8: The underground UNLF, in a press release today said it has finally resolved the case of fraud played by Diana and family using the party`™s name.

Following the bomb warning the party served to Lourembam Jiten of Sagolband Tera Yengkhom Leirak, notified to the public through newspapers on March 21, Jiten, his wife, Pramo Devi and daughter Diana contacted the UNLF and confessed their crimes, the release said.

According to their statement, in June 2013, Lourembam Diana, 23, with the consent of her parents, was admitted to SK College nambol for studies, the release said.

There she met R.K. Bonium, 24, son of R.K. Bapu and Thaballei Devi, of Ningthoukhong Radha Madhop Leikai, and soon was in a relationship with him, it said.

Diana, in the course of time wins the confidence of the family of Bonium, and begins to spend time at her boyfriend`™s house, tending to his parents, it said.

It was then that Diana began to play her game and falsely tells Bonium and his parents that her father is an influential leader of the UNLF and that he can help Bonium get a job in the police as ASI. She convinced the family that Bonium should have a job so they can marry, and accordingly Rs. 2 lakh was given to her so her father can start working to have Bonium selected for the job, the release said.

She then took Rs. 1.5 lakhs from the family again so that a sister-in-law of Bonium too can land a government job in the Social Welfare department. Bit by bit, she squeezed a total of Rs. 9,11,000 from the family.

On Jan 8, 2014, the two young couple marry quietly. She did not even inform her own family and the marriage was solemnised at the groom`™s place, the release said.

She then took Rs. 5 lakh more from Bonium`™s family so that her father who she said was UNLF leader can be assassinated, for it was likely he would object to their marriage, it said.

Bonium`™s family begin to have financial problem, but this notwithstanding, they take leave and go to Delhi for some time.

When they return from Delhi, they bid farewell at the Imphal airport and each head for their respective homes. However, when Diana ditched Bonium, the latter complained to the UNLF of Diana`™s deceit in the name of the UNLF, and the party took up the case, the release said.

Since all the concerned parties have confessed their part in the sordid game, the UNLF worked out a verdict acceptable to both, and the matter has been allowed to be treated as resolved, the release said.

The release said such cases are normal in a colonial situation in which a once proud people, living out of their own enterprise and genius have been robbed of their inner strength by the colonial system.

It appealed to all the people to revive the inner strength of the society by instilling in themselves Manipur`™s once proud work culture, and in this the UNLF will extend whatever help within its command.



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