Hengjang encounter `fake`, punish involved AR within 48-hour: Kuki Inpi


IMPHAL, May 24: The May 23 alleged gunfight between security forces and militant cadres at Hengjang Village, Senapati, during three persons including a church secretary were killed, is a fake encounter and the government should punish the guilty Assam Rifles personnel within 48 hours, demanded Kuki Inpi, Saikul Gakai president Thangkam Lupeng today.

Meanwhile, the two other victims of the alleged encounter have been identified as Nameirakpam Rajen Singh, 40, son of N Muhindro Singh of Sunusiphai Awang Leikai of Bishnupur district and Phakuiring Hungyo alias Akhui, 45, of Pangpum Wangli Village, Ukhrul.

Speaking to media persons around 6pm today at the JNIMS mortuary where the dead bodies are kept, Lupeng said severe form of agitations would be launched if the government fails to punish the involved personnel within the set deadline.

The Kuki Inpi has concrete evidence to prove that the encounter at hengjang Village which is also known as B Gamnom was a fake encounter he claimed asserting further that the Kuki Inpi will certainly divulge the evidence on a proper platform.

He also confirmed that one of the victims Paolen Khongsai, 40, son of (L) Thongam Khongsai is the church secretary of his village.

Paolen Khongsai was standing with his wife Hatneikim, 35 at the church construction site, when the Assam Rifles personnel came firing indiscriminate towards the village, he further claimed.

On hearing the indiscriminate firing, Hatneikim ran inside their house, while Paolen was hit, Lupeng continued.

Paolen was lying on the ground and trying to shield himself from being further hit by the bullets when the Assam Rifles personnel came and shot him dead, he alleged.

He continued according to the villagers, the two other victims were not from the village and they had arrived in the village on May 22.

The villagers also cannot identify whether they are UG cadres or not, he said.

However, according to the villagers, no weapons were recovered from the bodies of the two, he added.

Lupeng continued the Kuki Women for Human Rights, Kuki Women Organisation and other CSOs of Sadar Hills convened a meeting under the banner of the Kuki Inpi regarding the issue.

The meeting further resolved to demand for the government to punish the involved AR personnel within 48 hours and to pay compensation to the bereaved family.

He also said that it was also resolved that in case the government fails to meet the two demands within the set deadline, severe form of agitations will be launched in collaboration with other Civil organisations of the State.

Further declaring that the family will not accept the body, until the demands are met with, he said the act of the Assam Rifles is strongly condemned.

Paolen`™s wife Hatneikim also interacted with the media narrating her story.


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