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Mysterious political chemistry in Nagaland becomes most intriguing in Indian democratic history

By Oken Jeet Sandham

Nagaland Chief Minister TR Zeliang said the induction of the Opposition Congress into his NPF-led DAN Ministry was a “dream” fulfilled as they had been dreaming of having an “Opposition-less” government in Nagaland. Actually, the role of Opposition by the Congress lawmakers in Nagaland was over the moment they voted in favor of the “CONFIDENCE MOTION” moved by Zeliang on February 5, 2015.

The BJP in Nagaland and their National President Amit Shah categorically and tersely stated that their party (BJP) could never go together with the Congress. He was absolutely right as his party runs the Central government where the Congress functions as the main Opposition. K Therie, newly appointed President of NPCC, also cautioned that their party could not go together with a “communal party (read BJP).”
Expectedly, CLP leader Tokheho Yepthomi, while explaining that their joining the “NPF-led DAN Ministry” was not “anti-party,” said, “We are joining NPF-led government in Nagaland and not BJP government.”

Looking at Zeliang, he appears to be relaxed and composed but happier with the eight Congress lawmakers than the four BJP lawmakers at the moment.
The Congress in Nagaland is reported to have been closely monitoring the development as to whether they will serve “show cause” notice to their “eight MLAs” for joining the DAN government before initiating any possible “suspension” of them from the party. The BJP High Command is also reported to have studied the present trend and likely to ask party in Nagaland to withdraw from DAN.

Now the question is if the BJP withdraws from the DAN, then the Opposition Congress does not need to even issue “Show Cause” notice to their MLAs as their political bête noire – “BJP” – will no longer be going together with them.

The whole country is watching the unprecedented political development in Nagaland but more importantly, anxiously observing the next move of the “BJP.”
Anyway, this inexplicable political chemistry in Nagaland also becomes the most intriguing political development in the history of Indian democracy.



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