True happiness comes from inner self: Works minister


IMPHAL, May 17: `Wealth or success in life is not happiness, true happiness comes from within when one learns to appreciate and understand the meaning of life`™s journey said Works minister Dr Kh Ratankumar Singh today.

He was speaking as the chief guest at `Easy Rajyoga for a Healthy and Happy Society` at GM Hall, which was organised by Prajapita Bhrama Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwas Vidyalaya.

He further said that Rajyoga in the present situation is very relevant as it helps one to have peace of mind and see the positive aspects in life.

Moreover it will also help in bringing peace and making the world a better place to live in, he added.

He also said that only reading spirituals books will not help, but one should imbibe the lesson learnt from the books practically in their day to day life.

Speaking as the special guest of the function, Rajyogini Bhrama Kumari Sheela, director, Brahmakumari NE, Guwahati, Assam stated that mind really matters in changing oneself.

Highlighting her own experience she said that before she join Rajyoga all her concern and worries is her own life, own people and own community and she had not much worry for the people.

But soon after joining Rajyoga she learnt to appreciate and love all human kind, she added.

She said she learnt to feel that all living creature on earth are God`™s greatest gift.

The function was also attended by I Lalitkumar Singh, senior advocate, High Court of Manipur as the president, Robita Sorakhaibam, professor, Manipur University department of Commerce as the guest of honour.



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