`Youth Icon` alleges Nasir of `unbecoming conduct` to women delegates during World Youth Summit, minister refutes claim


By Paojel Chaoba

IMPHAL, May 24: `Minister Nasir begged me to forgive him, he fell at my feet, he said he would commit suicide with his pistol if I did not,` K Kanarjit, secretary general of Club 25 International Manipur told scribes at Manipur Press Club today.

He mentioned this clarifying himself regarding a news article carried by this paper yesterday under the title `Global Youth Icon or Con Icon.`™

He dragged in the name of the Agriculture minister stating that an `unwanted incident`™ had happened to two women delegates who participated in the World Youth Summit held in April last.

Karnajit alleged that one girl from Nepal , Susma (name changed) complained to him on April 29 about a conduct of the minister.

`She came rushing to me and fainted, when we asked what happened, she did not tell us but said that `does the Agriculture minister think that I am a prostitute?`™` Kanarjit said.

The nine delegates from Nepal had threatened to boycott the youth meet in this regard and go to the Press, but the other delegates had convinced her not to disclose the incident and to take up the matter any further. They had then insisted that Nasir should not attend the closing function as they threatened that they would boo him down in the hall. Kanarjit further stated that a woman activist from UP also complained as the Minister texted her at midnight repeatedly which bordered on indecency.

`Susma told me not to disclose the matter to the press later as she was afraid that something may happen to her, as a powerful minister can do her harm, she said to disclose the matter only after she reached Nepal,` Kanarjit said at the meet.

Susma had also alleged that the minister had offered to help her in any way possible and asked her to give her bank account and phone number. Kanarjit said that the matter was brought to the notice of Deputy Chief Minister, Gaikhangam and the complaint was lodged verbally by Kanarjit in person.

`Minister Gaikhangam assured me that a corrective measure would be taken up in the regard and that the conduct of the minister would be brought to the notice of the Chief Minister even. However, nothing much was done,`™Kanarjit added that he requested Gaikhangam to send a minister to attend the concluding day of the Youth Meet as Nasir was no longer a viable option.

Kanarjit said that he later visited minister Nasir at Classic Grande and enquired on the incident. `He begged me to forgive him and also threatened to commit suicide, the episode happened at the reserved room of Classic Grande then,` Kanarjit told mediapersons.

Later, minister Nasir paid Rs 2 lakh to Classic hotel for clearing the bill of the delegates who stayed at the Classic Grande. The amount was paid by Nasir voluntarily and there was no insistence from his side, Kanarjit mentioned.

Scribes present at the press meet quizzed Kanarjit on why he kept quiet on this matter the whole time which occurred on April last.

He said that tangling in such matters which involved politicians was a dicey matter and he was also apprehensive that taking up the matter was akin to endangering his life.

It was questioned by the media why Kanarjit decided to keep quiet on this matter specially being a youth icon, an activist and there was an alleged case of probable physical assault to one of his foreign delegate,that too which came to his notice from the victim herself.

Later, Kanarjit revealed the name of the Minister in question as Abdul Nasir and the credentials of the two women victims.

`I may lose my life for revealing this fact, but I am not afraid to die for the just cause !` Kanarjit exclaimed. The report of his allegation has been reported in the evening papers today.

Minister Nasir also clarified to media persons at his Babupara bungalow in the evening after Kanarjit`™s allegation reached him. He contradicted the charges stating that Kanarjit did not ask any monitory help from him in this regard. Nasir showed a text message by Kanarjit sent in April 3 last during the conclusion of the World Youth Summit, 2015. The message from Kanarjit read, ` Sir, please kindly help us by calling the Classic Hotel. They are giving me a lot of pressure. They are waiting for you since yesterday. Just make a call to them. We will repaid to you surely within next week. I don`™t know what to do right now. We will never forget your support and cooperation. Tomorrow, we will publish with your photo regarding sponsoring a dinner and also accommodating of the World Youth Summit, 2015 in all major newspapers both local and national, website, social media in recognition of your sincere helps to us. We are really proud of you Sir to be Manipuri.` The text message contradicts the earlier statement by K
Kanarjit that he did not say anything to the minister to pay the Hotel Classic. Nasir added that he had just posed with the girls as they wanted to be photographed with him and in no manner did he meet any female delegate in private. He refuted the allegation of Kanarjit as baseless and said that legal action will be initiated against him on charges of defamation. Another question is why did Kanarjit not divulge the details of the allegation to the media before IFP report made him to clarify, why did he remain tight lipped when the modesty of a delegate was being questioned?

Now, that both versions of Kanarjit and Nasir is published. It is left up to the concerned women who attended the World Youth Convention to clarify their stance whether in support of either of the mentioned individuals,this investigation by IFP will continue.

Kanarjit refuted claims made by IFP in publishing the criminal case against him, of pending payment to Sandeep Soubham and Khogen. He said that all dues to be paid has been cleared by him and there is no outstanding payment to be made. He however owned up that he made an error in his press release that he was a recipient of the prestigious Dr Ambedkar National Award in 2013. He never received that award as pointed out by this reporter before. Kanarjit clarified that the Club 25 International ( a blood donation organization) also allows him to use a flag post for his car.


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