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ZU (AMN) calls for peace on Dzuko Valley issue

IMPHAL, May 31: The Zeliangrong Union (Assam, Manipur and Nagaland) has regretted that issue of alleged land encroachment at the Dzuko valley has created an unpleasant atmosphere and tension between the Mao and Angami communities in particular and the people of the two States in general.

A press release of the union said that the rightful claim and counter claim on Dzuko valley is supported by many powerful civil societies and prominent leaders of the two States and the union feels that the opinion and views of these powerful organisations and prominent leaders may hamper the age old good relationship of the neighbouring States.

The union has also appealed to the governments of Manipur and Nagaland to bring an amicable solution immediately with the help of the Centre.

It also sincerely appealed to the Mao and Angami brothers to withdraw the imposed drastic actions and also request both to come together with mutual understanding and mutual respect and solve the differences as soon as possible, it said.

The union also suggested that if the Dzuko valley is going to hamper the relationship between the two communities, the union suggests to declare Dzuko Valley as `No Men`™s Land`™ so that everyone can enjoy the unique and beautiful valley, it said.



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