ADC poll witnesses high voter turnout amidst violent interruptions


ADC voting

Imphal, June 1: Voter turnout for the Autonomous District Council election in the five hill districts and Sadar Hills is stated to be around 75-80 percent, according to official sources.

The State Election Commission has also rescheduled polling in six polling stations.

In an official notification, the State Election Commission said polling at these polling stations has been rescheduled for June 4, as polling personnel failed to reach their polling stations in time for the June 1 election.

The official notice also identified the polling stations are 4/5-Nungsai LP School, 4/6-Santing Government LP School, 4/7- Santing Chongchin LP School, 4/8 Saiching LP School, 4/9-Lailong (S) LP School and 4/12-Kawnpi Mission School of Churachandpur district.

Sources also said that re-poll could be conducted in atleast 42 polling stations where there were reports of violence interrupting the poll process.

Voting was peaceful in all districts until noon today, however, the election process was marred by violent incidents reported widely from all districts in the later part of the day.
Interruptions to the voting process including incidents of destroying ballot boxes, tension among supporters of candidates, booth capture, gun-shooting, impersonation and proxy voting, etc were reported from all districts.

However, reports suggest high voter turnout in all districts other than in Tamenglong.

Reports suggest that at the end of the voting process, the voting percentage reached 65 percent in Sadar Hills, 75 percent in Churachandpur, 90 percent in Chandel, 80 percent in Ukhrul, 75 percent in Senapati and 40 percent in Tamenglong. However official confirmation on the poll percentage is awaited.

Several violent incidents were also reported from several polling stations across the six ADCs.

At 11/5 Taloulong polling station, around 1:15pm, supporters of both the Congress and BJP candidates fired shots in the air following a heated argument over interference in the poll process.

At Kangpokpi DCC, at 6/2 and 6/3 Kalapahar Junior High School, miscreants destroyed ballot boxes in front of the polling personnel. At the same time there were also scuffles between the police guarding the stations and supporters of some candidates.

In Chandel district, KNA and UMLA cadres allegedly captured booths at 1-Khoibu Segment including 1/5 Bongli, ½ Khoibu and 1/1 Tollen polling stations.

However, villagers of the area attacked the UG cadres and stormed the polling stations and ballot papers were destroyed in the process.

Reports also said that re-poll is likely in eight polling stations out of 172 in Sadar Hills- 17/2 Maojang, 19/4 Ankhumbung, 19/5 Thangal Sarung, 19/7 Youngba Langkhong, 20/5 H Champhai, 23/6 Terakhong and 6/2 Kalapahar.

In Senapati district, re-poll is likely in eight polling stations out of 186 polling station namely 2/5 Liyai Khullen (D), 9/9 Makuilongdi, 12/4 Lairouching (A), 12/5 Lairouching (B), 19/1, 19/2, 19/3 Lakhamai, 19/6 Sirong.

In Tamenglong, re-poll is likely in three polling stations out of 165 – 23/4 Kambirong, 19/6 Zoujangtek and 13/5 Tamenglong.


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