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Manipur Civil Society Organisations condemn Ruisoting killing by Assam Rifles

IMPHAL, June 2: The Committee on Human Rights (COHR), Manipur has strongly condemned the killing of Ruisoting alias Mary by the 20th Assam Rifles on May 31 at Satu Khul, Tengnoupal.

Mary who has been fighting for her life in a hospital in Imphal succumbed to her injuries today, according to a source.

According to a release of the committee, such case of violent incidents will continue to occur as long as AFSPA is still applied in the state.

COHR has further stated that the government is a failure as it is not yet able to repeal AFSPA from the state. Although civil organisations and Emas of the state are taking up various forms of agitations in order to repeal the act from the state, the government has yet to take up measure, it said.

The committee will also take up various forms of democratic movements to bring strict actions against those security personnel accused in the killing. It also share in the grief of the bereaved family members, it said.

A press release of the United People`™s Front, Manipur (UPF) has also strongly condemned the killing of Roiseting alias Mary, 55, wife of Maibam Babudhon by the 20th AR on May 31.

The front has demanded both the India government and Manipur government to take up rapid action regarding the incident otherwise, various agitations may be jointly taken up.

It further said that the political parties of the state should not remain as silent spectators. The front also share in the grief of the bereaved family. UPF will support the movements taken up by the public, it said.

The Kanglei Chanura Chaokhat Lamching Lup (Kangleichal) in a press release has also condemned the death of Roiseting in the hands of 20th AR and also share the sorrow of the family members.

The organisation has said that the State and Central Security Forces are not for the protection of the people but to assault the public instead. It has demanded strict measures to be taken up against the accused, it said.

The Ching-Tam United Women`™s Association (CHITUWA) has also vehemently condemned the killing of Roiseting by the 20th AR at Aimol Village, Chandel District on May 31.

A press release of CHITUWA has said that the government has also neglected the problems caused by AFSPA in the state. It has appealed to the public to repeal the act, it said.

The association has also appealed to the government to suspend the accused AR personnel and to met out punishment according to law. The association will support the movements taken up by the JAC formed against the killing, it said.



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