Maoist Communist Party claims IED threat at MM Hr Secondary School


IMPHAL, Jun 28: The Maoist Communist Party, Manipur has claimed that the IED found near the gate of MM Higher Secondary School was planted by the outfit`™s Red Guards.

A statement of the outfit while making the claim said the outfit has been trying to avoid any kind of confrontation for long it has been induced to plant the explosive as a last warning to the school.

It said the outfit will not remain silent incase the school continue to remain indifferent to the outfit.

It said the IED was planted against the school`™s indifference to the confusion regarding a huge number of CBSE students and instead turning itself into a profit making institute.

It also said that the outfit is now clearly aware of the fact that several of its cadres had been arrested due to the school and now the outfit cannot forgive the school.

The outfit has also warned the CBSE Monitoring Cell which is yet to announce any of its findings regarding the issue of CBSE school students who were unable to appear for their exams.


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