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Ningthoukhong locals stop road black topping

BISHNUPUR, June 3: Infuriated by failure to maintain quality control of the black topping work for the 2-km long Ningthoukhong-Leimatak Old Road in Bishnupur district, locals of Ningthoukhong Ward No 2 on Wednesday decided to not allow further black topping works along the road.

According to the locals, sub-contractor Oinam Basanta and muhori O Suresh of Ningthoukhong Kha Leikai had been repeatedly urged to complete the black topping work along the road before the onset of the rainy season but both of them are in hurry to complete the work compromising quality control which is unacceptable.

On hearing the revolt of the locals, vice-president of Social & Development Organization (SADO) M Hemanta, Councillor Bimola and a team of media persons inspected the ongoing black topping work this morning and found that black topping is being laid measuring 8 feet in breath along the road against the proposed 10 feet.

Moreover, there has been no inspection of the black toping work along the road by PWD officials so far, they said.



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