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AMWJU talks tough against harassing journalists during ILPS movement

IMPHAL, July 31: An emergency general body meeting of All Manipur Working Journalists`™ Union (AMWJU) convened today at Manipur Press Club with its president Wangkhemcha Shamjai presiding over it has unanimously adopted certain resolutions regarding frequent harassment meted out to journalists while covering news of the ongoing ILPS movement and other issues concerning media fraternity.

According to a statement signed by General Secretary of AMWJU Jit Ningomba, the meeting resolved to strongly condemn the attempt of some individuals to tarnish the ongoing mass movement for ILPS implementation in the state and ask representatives of local clubs, women folk, JCILPS and JAC formed against the killing of Sapam Robinhood to refrain from harassing and threatening journalists while performing their duties as a situation may arise where journalists will not be able to disseminate daily information including the ongoing ILPS movement to the masses if journalists continue to face harassment and threat from ILPS supporters.

Denouncing the derogatory remarks passed by editor of Naharolgi Thoudang to the union`™s president, the emergency meeting also resolved to hold a meeting between the editor and Standing Committee of AMWJU at Manipur Press Club at the earliest to bring an understanding on the matter.

It further decided to send letter to editors of media houses to not assign reporting task to trainee reporters and incompetent journalists so as to avoid misreporting on the ILPS movement.

The union`™s general body meeting also gave approval to lifting imposition against some editors as decided by the Standing Committee of the union during its last general body meeting and allow those editors who are not eligible to be registered primary member as Associate Member as per the union constitution.

Apart from approving jacket model inscribed with logo `PRESS`™ for journalists, the meeting further resolved to arrange fund that will be required to avail the jacket meant for members registered with the union.

The meeting also unanimously resolved to hold prior meeting between officials of the union and concerned organizations on exemption of media during imposition of bandh and blockade.



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