Government negligence causing apprehensions of flood: BJP


IMPHAL, July 30: The recent incessant rainfall in the State has created much apprehension of flood among the people especially in Thoubal area, BJP Manipur Pradesh general secretary Media L Bashanta Sharma told media persons today.

He said this is because of the misgovernance of the Congress government in the State.

Speaking to media persons, he said the panic among the people would not have been there had the IFC department been doing its work properly.

Apprehension of fear of flood among the public would have been far lesser had the IFC department released water of the Ithai Barrage routinely, he observed.

Unfortunately, due to the negligence of the department, farmers of Thoubal area have to face much hardship as their paddy fields have been inundated by the recent rain, he asserted.

Various fields in Wabagai Keirak, hiyanglam, Arong Nongmaikhong and others have been submerged under flood, he said.

The Congress doesn`™t care for the people, he warned.

He said if the present government, which enjoys an absolute majority of 48 members in the 60-member House, had any interest for the people of the State, there could have been much development in the State.

But unfortunately, the present government thinks only of themselves and not for the people, he alleged.

Now the failure of the government to ensure quality control in the development projects undertaken in the State has resulted in the collapse of dam in Sekmai, controversial leakages of the yet to be completed Thoubal multi-purpose Dam, collapse of bridge at Heirok, he alleged.

If the government had properly maintained quality according to the fund reflected in the DPR of the projects, such unwarranted collapsing of dams and bridges would have been averted, he observed.

Now that not much time has been left for the third term of the present government to end, the government should take quality control steps of projects immediately, he observed.

He continued, the longest bridge of the State Serou Bridge has been submerged under water due to the recent incessant rainfall.

The bridge is constructed over the Chakpi River. Many houses and paddy fields have also been submerged under water in the area.

Meanwhile, villagers of Serou, Sugunu, Nungu and Tangjeng have drawn the attention of State government to look into their plights.


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