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Government`s appeal for more suggestions a delaying tactic: JD (U)

IMPHAL, July 28: The government constituted bill drafting committee`™s appeal inviting suggestions and recommendations from the public is a delaying tactic of the government, Janata Dal (United) Manipur president M Tombi claimed today.

Speaking to media persons at a press meet at the party`™s office today, he claimed that recommendations and suggestion from the all political parties committee, legal experts, academicians, politicians, Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System among others have already been submitted to the State government.

Now, if the present government is at all interested in introducing the bill, the government could pass a bill based on these recommendations alone, he said.

But on the contrary, the government is inviting recommendations and suggestions from the people which smacks of the government trying to delay the bill preparation, he lamented.

The State government should prepare the new bill based on the recommendations of the JCILPS and the all political parties committee, he continued.

The BJP Manipur Pradesh has also to take a vital role in the present issue Tombi said, adding that the BJP Manipur Pradesh could pressure the Centre where the BJP is leading the government to enact the ILPS or a similar law in the State.

He further accused the BJP Manipur Pradesh of all talks and no work.

Instead of only making statements over the present issue, Tombi asked the BJP to act on the issue.

It is very unfortunate, that the present Congress government has failed to take any action until there is death, he observed.

He continued, the government is also not trying to bring any amicable solution with the JAC formed in connection to the death of Sapam Robinhood so that the last rites of the student could be conducted.

Police personnel involved in the death has been encouraged rather than take action against him, he charged.

General secretary of the party, Len Gangte also said that the BJP has to play a vital role in the implementation of the ILPS in the State, however, the BJP Manipur Pradesh president Th Chaoba is only trying to take political mileage out of the issue.

If Choaba had taken any initiative, the ILPS could have been easily implemented in the State, he said.



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