House passes six demands amounting to Rs 11,04,22,80,000


IMPHAL, July 1: Altogether six demands amounting to Rs 11,04,22,80,000 were passed today unanimously by the House during Discussion and Voting on Demands for Grants, 2015-16 on the fourth day of the ongoing session of the 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly.

The demands were tabled by the Chief Minister of Manipur which included Rs 1062,05,80,000 for demand no. 7 Police; Rs 3,07,75,000 for demand no. 24 Vigilance department; Rs 10,48,00,000 for demand no. 31 Fire protection and control; Rs 16,40,22,000 for demand 32-Jails; Rs 10,65,06,000 for demand no. 3-home guards and Rs 1,55,97,000 for demand 34-Rehabilitation.

Prior to passing the demands, opposition MLAs moved cut motion on certain demands.

In response to the cut motions moved by the opposition MLAs in regard to demands, Home minister Gaikhangam said that the police department is the most crucial department with huge role but is less appreciated.

Despite the fact that it has maximum number of disciplined and decorated officers, the department`™s image is sometimes tarnished by some blacksheep within it.

Nevertheless, the department and its officers are organising interaction programme in collaboration with the media and social organisation to boost the relationship between public, said Gaikhangam.

`Our top priority is instilling public confidence and to do so we need public support`, observed the Home Minister.

He clarified that the intelligence wing of the department is commendable for the fact that it lacks infrastructures.

Gaikhangam further revealed that the CCTV cameras installed within the heart of Imphal will be restored soon, and will be extended to Greater Imphal areas adding that the finance department have sanctioned the required funds to do so.

Justifying on the delay in solving of cases, the Home minister asserted talks of substantial improvement.

He said that in 2012 altogether 2396 cases were registered of which charge sheets have been framed in 406 cases, similarly in 2013, 262 charge sheets were frame of the total 3930 cases registered, 406 of 4510 in 2014 and 2036 of the total 2396 till May 2015.

With regards to the demand of the VDF and Home Guards, Giakhangam revealed that financial constraint and time factors are the two important factors holding back the government.

For demands no. 7-Police, MLA L Ibomcha and K Shyam moved motion for disapproval of policy cut supplemented by Dr I Ibohalbi and Uripok MLA L Nandakumar on account of inability of Manipur police to maintain good relation with public, failure of intelligence of police department, failure to develop a policy for the promotion of officers in Manipur police/MRs/IRBs etc, failure to install CCTV in the strategic areas of Imphal city, delay in investigation and filing charge-sheets in time, failure to enhance the allowances of VDF, failure to open station in Dzuko valley and inability to boost morale of the police personnel.

For demand no. 24 Vigilance department a motion for disapproval of policy cut was moved by MLA Ibomcha and Dr I Ibohalbi Singh on account of non-submission of department enquiry report against charge-officers even though there is specific allegation and evidence for committing offense and failure to give more autonomy to state vigilance commission.

For demand no. 32-Jails a motion for token cut was moved by L Ibomcha on account of failure to open/construct proper jail building in the Hill districts and insufficient man-power in the jails. At the same time, demand for disapproval of policy cut on demand no.33 home guards was moved by Dr I Ibohalbi Singh on account of failure to strengthen Manipur Home guards and motion for token cut by L Ibomcha Singh on account of failure to enhance Home guards.


  1. Stupid Money-grabbers. Such a large amount and nothing productive on the agenda? When will we see a de-militarised state on the path of development and peace? Disgusting – to say the least.


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