Langthabal residents submit memorandum to Naoriya Pakhanglakpa MLA on ILPS issue


IMPHAL, July 30: The Apunba Langthabal Lep and Phuramakhong Nambul Mapal ILPS Demand Committee supported by local clubs, meira paibis had approached the Naoria Pakhanglakpa A/C, MLA RK Anand at his residence and also submitted a memorandum which contained four demands.

A press release of the committee said that the memorandum was submitted by four members of the committee including its chairman and secretary to the MLA in person.

The MLA gave his support to help implement ILPS in Manipur, it said.

The MLA had also clarified before the committee members that no delaying tactics are being employed by the government on the issue, according to the statement.

It said the MLA also pointed out that work has been taken up to carry out a judicial inquiry on the death of late Sapam Robinhood and there are also appeals for release of other arrested students, it said.

The committee has also stated that further demonstration will be organised if the MLA fails to take up positive actions regarding the demands by August 15, it said further appealing to the public to support the committee.

The committee also extended its gratitude towards those who took part in submitting the memorandum to the MLA.

The charter of demands contained in the memorandum are, to include the five points as demanded by Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System, Manipur in the present drafting Bill on ILPS, to pass the present drafting New Bill on ILPS by August 15 without fail, the Government of Manipur should not play delaying tactics to the drafting and passing of the New Bill on ILPS which can protect the `Indigenous People`™ of Manipur and to complete the judicial inquiry of late Sapam Robinhood at the earliest, it said.


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