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Pallel villages inundated as river overflows banks

IMPHAL July 30: Mounting tension has gripped the people in and around Pallel town along Asian Highway 1 as the river running alongside has overflowed flooding the vicinity and the water level continuing to rise with the incessant rain.

Residents of surrounding villages of Pallel area were in for a surprise during the wee hours of July 30, when water started seeping into their homes around 2.

The Island Village which has 47 households under Tengnoupal Block is completely under water with only the rooftops visible above the water.

People have evacuated from their homes and are presently taking shelter at other relative`™s places and good Samaritans.

Some of the affected families are presently taking shelter under the Pallel Church for the night.

The most vulnerable at the moment are the children, elders and the pregnant women.

`No one except for the REACH M volunteers have come to our rescue yet,` lamented a displaced villager.

He said, `Our MLA, district administration authorities and the security forces have also failed to extend any help yet.`

Adjoining villages like Teraphai village, Theimongkung village have also been affected by the flood. At least four houses in Theimongkung villages are flooded.

In Pallel Khulak village, the water has flooded their paddy fields and standing crops.

`People of the Pallel Bazar area comprising of more than 150 households remains sleepless in anxiety as the water level of the river continues to rise` informed Bijoy Mao over the phone at the time of filing this news.

Pallel Bridge was also wrecked by the flood and the commuters are now using an un-inaugurated bridge to cross over the river.



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