Stab victim dies on way to hospital in Takhel


IMPHAL, July 1: In an unfortunate incident, a 25 year old went on a stabbing spree leaving one dead, and two injured.

The incident occurred today at 9:45 am at Takhel Keithel Macha under Lamlai Police Station.

The dead victim has been identified as Khundrakpam Sanathoi Singh, 24, son of Kh Shamungou Singh of Takhel Mayai Leikai

It is learnt that Sanathoi was reading the morning newspaper at the site of the incident site when 25-year old Arambam Naobi Singh son of (L) A Ibomcha Singh came and suddenly stabbed him on his chest with a knife.

Even as by-standers were in shock over the stabbing, Naobi rushed forward and attacked 18-year old Yumkhaibam Premchandra Singh son of Y Angou Singh of Takhel Mayai Leikai who came riding a two-wheeler.

Following the second attack, the by-standers tried to control Naoba and seize the knife from him. In the effort, Naoba attacked another person identified as Thaoroijam Jugeshwar Singh, 55, of Takhel Mamang Leikai. However, he escaped with a little scratch on his hand.

On the other hand, Sanathoi was rushed to JNIMS but succumbed before reaching the hospital around 10:10 am.

Naoba who was also injured in the effort of the by-standers to control him was taken to JNIMS along with Premchandra

At the same time, Lamlai Police has registered a case in this regard and taken Naobi in its custody.

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses said Naobi has been suffering from some psychological imbalances since sometime.

A JAC was formed in this connection and held a meeting today demanding befitting punishment to Naobi.


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