Chaoba blames Home department for Moreh tension


IMPHAL, August 19: BJP Manipur president Th Chaoba has blamed the State Home department for yesterday`™s tension in the border town of Moreh.

The government, he told media persons at his party office, should be held responsible for the communal tension in Moreh.

The BJP strongly condemn the unfortunate incident which happened due to misunderstanding between the two groups, he said.

He further appealed to the people of the border town to remain calm and allow peaceful co-existence among the different communities in the area.

He said several houses including hotels and shops were ransacked, looted and set ablaze while several others were left injured during the clash.

The government, he continued, should compensate for all the losses incurred in the violence.

The BJP also welcomes the civil societies trying to negotiate among the communities of Moreh and help in bringing back peace in the area.

All these has happened because of the negligence of the Home department as the ILPS rally was not organised immediately, but it was already announced beforehand.

The Home department had full knowledge of the rally, he continued.

Unfortunately, the Home department failed to take up any precaution which resulted in the flare-up, he continued.

He said now many victims are staying in relief camps and the Centre has stationed Assam Rifles and other para-military forces as the area lies near the international border.

Now, the State has to remain vigilant in the border areas, he said and added, such flare ups can also happen in Jiribam.

Chaoba also appealed to the people of Jiribam not to allow any such clash to happen in their area.

The Home department`™s power seems to be confined only in the State capital, Chaoba lamented.

BJP Manipur Vision Document chairperson RK Ranjan said it is time for the indigenous people to unite together.


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