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Govt reveals action taken on JCILPS` five-point demands

IMPHAL, August 17: Furnishing details of the status of the preparation and implementation of the Inner Line Permit System Bill or a similar system in the State, the government has appealed to Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) and people to extend full cooperation in passing the new bill at the earliest.

A statement issued by Home department today informed that the first demand put up by JCILPS to issue a permit or pass for migrants as regards their purpose, whereabouts and validity etc of their presence has been included in the proposed new draft bill to be introduced and its subsequent Rules.

Referring to the second demand of the committee which is a cut-off base year of 1951 to all people participating and creating of demographic influx into the State, the official statement said that it is proposed to include the cut-off year of 1951 in the new draft bill to define the people of Manipur whose names are in the National Registrar of Citizens, 1951.

On the third demand which states that no land ownership rights are to be given to all non-indigenous people and necessary procedures be included in the preparation of the bill proposed, the statement said the State government proposes to insert a provision in the Manipur Land Revenue and Land Reforms Act, 1960 by an amendment bill to regulate the land ownership rights to the non-Manipuri people as provided under Article 19 (5) of the Constitution of India.

While on the committee`™s fourth demand which is a full-fledged Labour Department which has outreach in all the districts of Manipur be strengthened in operational matters for registration and regulation of inter-state migrant labourers and its necessary rules be framed, it assured that the demand to monitor and regulate the visitors and tenants has been taken care of by the new draft bill by establishing a separate Directorate of Registration of Visitors and Tenants.

The existing Labour Department will be strengthened for effective implementation of the existing Labour laws of Centre and State government in regulating the inter-state migrant labour, it said.

On the last demand put up by JCILPS which is detection and deportation of illegal migrants or other non-indigenous peoples should be included in the proposed bill and necessary action thereof, the Home Department in the statement said that detection and deportation of illegal immigrants falls under the Foreigners Act, 1946 and necessary steps will be taken under the said law.

Migrants`™ in-terms of visitors and inter-state labourers will be regulated as per the new draft bill and its subsequent rules, it further assured.



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