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House passes resolution on GoI-NSCN (IM) accord

IMPHAL August 31: A single Government Resolution was moved by the leader of the House, the Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh and was passed smoothly without a single alteration of the text.

The text of the Resolution reads, `This House while welcoming the fresh initiative of the Government of India to bring peace in the North east region of the country, however resolves to urge the Union

Government to ensure that the `Peace Accord` of 3rd August, 2015 signed between the Government of India and the NSCN (IM) and any subsequent agreements do not impinge on the territorial integrity and administration of the State of Manipur.

The House further resolves to urge the Union Government to ensure that all stakeholders, especially Manipur, are brought into confidence and transparency is brought into the peace process and no fresh discords should be brought while attempting to settle an existing one.

The House still further resolves to urge the Union Government to cause to amend Article 3 of the Constitution of India by incorporating that prior consent of the State Legislature of the affected State(s) shall be mandatory while forming new States, and alteration of areas, boundaries or names of existing States.`

During the discussion, several MLAs while welcoming the Peace Accord, raise the concerns about the Peace Accord vis a vis the territorial integrity of Manipur State.

While Naga MLAs namely Losii Dikho, ST Nunghlung Victor and Samuel Risom spoke in support of welcoming such a historic Peace Accord as the need of the hour is peace in the State and the region.

Works minister Ratan observed, `The issue is sensitive and emotive hence the resolution should focus on the federal spirit and the plurality of diverse identities within. It should not be structured on the exclusivity of one community instead retain mutual respect for maintaining harmony within the plurality of interdependence`™

However Ranjit reiterated the controversial argument that there is no Nagas in Manipur and detailed his point and also by claiming that the case of Jessami and Dzukho proves that these tribes bordering Nagaland do not wish to join that State!

Minister Francis Ngajokpa immediately responded to `There is no Nagas in Manipur!` by saying that `We cannot deny the existence of other communities`™ and requested that such statements should not be included in the proceeding of the House.

Thereafter the Government Resolution was passed without further comments.



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