Kuki Inpi, AMUCO and UCM joint team to visit Moreh today


IMPHAL, Aug 18: `Manipur is presently in a very highly charged situation. And such eruption as witnessed in Moreh at this hour is very unfortunate, Kuki Innpi Manipur president Thangkhsei Haokip said regarding the Moreh violence today.

Speaking at a press conference held at the UCM office today, he said `The Kuki Inpi Manipur strongly condemns any kind of violence, because every issue can be sorted out by dialogue even though differences in opinion may arise.`

He further said that Kuki Inpi Manipur shares the sorrows of the Meiteis at Moreh as they are also minorities in Moreh.

He informed that to avoid further spread of this issue, representatives of Kuki Inpi Manipur (KIM), United Committee Manipur (UCM) and All Manipur United Clubs Organization (AMUCO) will go to Moreh tomorrow early morning to meet the community leaders to bring a solution to the issues.

AMUCO vice president Ph Debam Sharma speaking to media persons said that while trying to take out a peace rally in connection with ILP demand in Manipur an unwanted incident happened leading to a communal tension in Moreh.

`It is very unfortunate and we strongly condemned it. We have always appealed to the people not to create such tension,` he said.

`Moreh is a very peaceful place where various communities reside together. This happens only because of some miscreants who have failed to use their senses,` he added.

He also appealed to the State government as well as the security personnel to be vigilant especially in the night time to avoid further spread of violence.

UCM president Jonson Elangbam while strongly condemning the incident said the incident happened only because of some people who have vested interests.

Every community residing in this land needs to understand that the ILP issue is for all the communities residing in Manipur and not for a particular community, he continued.

He said that the Kukis and Meitei have been residing there for a long time now and similar incidents had happened in the pass but have managed to settle the issue peacefully and quickly.

If there is any misunderstand with the ILP demand then we can sit together and sort it out peacefully, he said.

`Let`™s stop these people who are trying to create communal tension. We don`™t consider this as a communal issue but rather an issue created by some mindless people,` he declared.

`Don`™t spread rumours and don`™t believe in rumours as well and please calm down. Let us all try to bring a solution to this issue together,` he added.


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