ADC Ccpur members appeal against attack on them


LAMKA, September 4: Members of the Autonomous District Council Churachandpur have today come out strongly against attempts to attack the residence of the ADC chairman at New Lamka.

The chairman Langkhanpau Guite flanked by vice chairman Lalhosam and executive members Gouzamang Guite, Grace Zamnu and Khaikhomang Tonsing and others said they are with the people but it pains to see the constant threat against them which so far have been thwarted with co-operation of locals and tribal leaders.

He said the mob which seems to act with no apparent reason seems to be targeting them although they had no hand in the passing of the three bills.

He said they were ever ready to visit the people, however, at times they are attacked by the mob and forced to remain inside the shelter of their own residences.

He further appealed to the people to provide them free movement and their areas be declared free zones.

The chairman, on behalf of his members, asked any group or individual to come out if they (members) had done any harm or used any foul words and that they were ready to beg their pardon.

However, he declared, if the desire to attack was just random, they will use all means at their disposal to protect themselves and no one can aggrieved with the subsequent result.

The chairman also appealed to the protestors not to attack the properties of the ADC like its quarters at Phailian which a mob had attempted to torch last night.

He said such buildings were constructed under the 13th Finance Commission and it will be hard to construct them again.

The EMs of the ADC Churachandpur also expressed that they were elected by the people and supported by leaders of various organisation.

They sought forgiveness if there had been slip of tongue, but added that they will be protecting themselves through their supporters from any attack which is not based on issue.

Issueless attacking will not be acceptable to them and their supporters, they said.

Meanwhile, a team of the UNC led by its president Gordon Kamei, speaker S Kho John, chairman ADC Senapati MI Markson, vice chariman ADC Senapati Hangson, member ADC Senapati Solomon Keino and others including representatives of NPF Manipur Unit, NPO, ZYO met with representatives of the Zomi Council, Kuki Inpi Churachandpur and Hmar Innpui today after paying their respect to the eight who lost their lives during the movement.

During the meeting at the PTC office, the visitors said they were there to talk on tribal unity.


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