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JAC Churachandpur bandh concludes

LAMKA, September 10: The 60-hour bandh called by the JAC Churachandpur ended today in a peaceful manner with no major incident of any violence except for peaceful demonstrations at different road intersections by womenfolk including at the Tiddim Road.

At Kanvai Village, womenfolk also crowded the road with womenfolk more than 40 villages demonstrating at one site.

Demonstrations were held at more than 20 places starting from Kangvai to Mata Village along the Tiddim Road.

At Kangvaoite, Molnom Bazar womenfolk shouted anti-government and anti-MLA slogans.

The protestors also burnt effigies of the tribal MLAs, CM and deputy CM.

The protestors also shouted slogans demanding punishment for all those involved in the death of the eight.

They also demanded resignation of the tribal MLAs.

At Molnom Village, protestor burnt effigies and demanded resignation of the tribal MLAs, withdrawal of the bills.

They also shouted `dy CM Gaikhangam Who are you, down down,` `Pungzathang: Tonsing, don`t sold our rights, T Manga Vaiphei open your mouth and eyes for your people,` `Vungzagin Valte, don`™t play with the blood of your people,` `Chaltonlien, betrayer of the tribal people,` `Speaker of Manipur Assembly don`t grab our land,` `TN Hàaokip don`t sold out our ancestors land` and `Down Down Manipur government.`

A protestor also told IFP that they will try to block the present MLAs from contesting the election again, let alone vote for them.

`I will never vote for these cowards and traitors of tribal rights, interest and land,` she said.

`I will urge more people not to have sympathy for them and call for social boycott of these politicians`™ said the women who was leading protesters at Koite area with seriousness writ on her face.

Meanwhile a team of five ADCC members led by it`s chairman Langkhanpau Guite are in Delhi to appeal the Centre on the issue in the State.

It is also learnt that a sit in protest as staged by the Zomi Inkuan at USA in front of the Indian Embassy in Washington DC and a petition submitted to the Indian Ambassador.

They also said that they will knock the doors of the UN.

The Churachandpur District Diesel Auto Owners`™ Association has also released a press handout stating that the association will take out a protest rally on August 11 to show their resentment against the security forces and condemnation of the three bills passed on August 31 starting noon tomorrow from Kawnpui Village Public ground.



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