Kangpokpi rallies against `anti-tribal` bills


KANGPOKPI, September 10: Dissented over the alleged `anti-tribal`™ Bills passed on August 31 by the State Assembly and the atrocity of State security force in gunning down nine tribal youths in Churachandpur, citizens of Kangpokpi area held a gargantuan rally today at Kangpokpi.

Around 5000 people from different parts of Kangpokpi area gathered this morning at Brig. Thomas Ground to hold one of the largest ever rallies in the area which was organized jointly by Kangpokpi Town Committee, Kuki Women Union Kangpokpi Block and Kangpokpi Women Welfare Organization.

The rally began at around 11 am from Brig. Thomas Ground, Kangpokpi which tagged along the Trans Asian Highway and proceeded towards old Petrol Pump via IT Road and budged back towards upper Kangpokpi Bridge along the same route.

During the two hours long rally, all business establishments in the town were closed. Traffic movement was also halted till the rally was culminated.

The all-embracing rally yelled, `Ibobi Government `“Down, Down`, `Tribal MLAs-Shame, Shame`, `We condemn- the three Bills` throughout the rally in the town till it culminated at the relay sit-in-protest site in the heart of the town.

A public meeting held before the mammoth rally at Brig. Thomas Ground deeply mourned the tribal martyrs who died during the Churachandpur incident and observed a minute silence for them while strongly denouncing the alleged brutality of the State security force.

The huge mass also conveyed heartfelt condolence and share sorrows and pain of the bereaved families and injured victims who were inflicted injuries during the alleged justifiable protest against the anti-tribal bills.

Calling the tribal martyrs the `Tribal Heroes` a visibly emotional mother Themlhing, vice- president of Kuki Organization for Human Rights commented `Tribal heroes, you gave your today for our tomorrow`, while adding that the blood they shed is not in vain, it has painted our land with a colour of unity.

JAC Sadar Hills Convener and Co-Convener called for community unity in the public meeting while earnestly appealing to coordinate and streamline as well as success of the present movement headed by the tribal apex bodies through collective efforts.

The public meeting also hardheartedly deplored in the strongest terms the alleged deliberate and sinister design of the Manipur Government in attempting to forcefully invade and alienate the tribal ancestral lands.

It also solemnly agreed to endorse and reiterate the decisions taken by the tribal apex bodies.

Various speakers including several Sadar Hills CSOs leaders, social workers, church leaders, chiefs, etc. strongly opposed the three alleged `anti-tribal`™ bills while soberly condemning the Manipur Government for allegedly trying to annihilate the tribal`™s rights and privileged.

The rallyists holds placards reading, `Wake up Ibobi there are nine Robinhoods in the Hills`, `Rubber Bullets for valley and Real Bullet for Hills`, `Ibobi Govt. is Anti-Tribal`, `Ibobi Stop- Shoot, Kill & Invite for Talks policy- we know you inside out now`, `Tribal Heroes, You gave your Today for our Tomorrow`, `Memories of your sacrifice will never cease to linger in our minds`, `The blood you shed is not in Vain, it has painted our Land with a Colour of Unity` etc.

Speaking to media persons, Hahat Touthang, general secretary of KWU Sadar Hills lamented that during the ILPS agitation in Imphal for nearly three months only rubber bullets, tear gas and water were used to control the protestors but live bullet was used to control the tribal protestors in the hill districts of the state.

`Why live bullet was used to control the tribal protestors in the Hills?` asked a visibly frustrated Hahat.

The tribal mothers are restive and upset in all the hill districts of the State over the vindictive attitude of the Manipur Government, averred Hahat Touthang, adding that the tribal mothers are now fully prepared to protect and safeguard their children, land and rights.

The mammoth rally ended with a prayer.


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