One and half year old girl child found abandoned in Jiribam super market



1 and half year old girl child found abandoned in Jiri super market. Photo by Momon Thoudam

Jiribam, 27 Sept : A one and a half year old girl child  who seems to be of Bengoli origin was found abandoned near a tea stall in front of the Jiribam supermarket around 5.30 pm on Friday, 25th Sept. On seeing a large number of people gathered around a small girl , the members of the district committee, AMSU and our KanglaOnline reporter took stock of the situation and took the girl to the nearest police station. After taking the child to the police station, they called the toll free number of Child Welfare Committee. Due to unavailability of immediate care facility and confusion over who is going to be responsible for the abandoned child,  an ex CWC worker Thoudam Beenita Devi, who is a primary teacher at the moment,  was called in and her expert advice was sought after.

After a consultative meeting with Jiri police OC M. Noren Singh, AMSU  President, Jiri Branch, ex CWC worker Thoudam Beenita Devi, they decided to contact office of  CWC Imphal east and take the child to Jiri hospital. Unfortunately the child seems to be suffering from piles, so the doctor in the hospital suggested her to take her to a better hospital. No one has registered a complain in the police station for lost child neither anyone seems to have any information about the child. On the other hand there is a children home in Jiri called REDA and even non of their  staff has come to enquire about the child which suggest that the children home is  not  functioning properly and it should be checked by the concerned authority, added Th Beenita Devi , ex CWC worker.

AMSU Jiri branch President , N  Sanjiv , also expressed that a fully fuctional CWC branch should be established in Jiribam after experiencing the shortfall in the immediate care process. He also requested the Jiri police OC M. Noren to kindly follow this particular case and also thanked the Jiri hospital for taking care of the Child for the time being.



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