Rail construction affected land owners complain of faults in survey work


IMPHAL, Sept 27: The Railway Affected Land Owners’ Welfare Committee has claimed that several faults are found in the survey work of land for the construction of the Tupul-Imphal railway line and Imphal Railway Station.

Speaking to the IFP, general secretary of the committee Laishram Ratan Khuman and Finance secretary Brojendro Konthoujam said the faults were committed during survey and assessment of land for the rail line and railway station conducted on September 14 and 23.

They said, the Revenue department has already issued official notifications on January 6 and September 9 after finalising the land required for the rail line and the railway station, however, another survey of land has been conducted during which land of some have been affected more while for some less land are affected.

According to them, there are also some land owners whose lands have not been affected at all during the recent the recent survey although in the previous two notifications their lands were affected.

They further appeal to the government to address the issue at the earliest.


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