Second day of CCpur bandh peaceful


LAMKA, Sept 9: The second day of a total band call by the JAC formed against the passing of three bill in the Manipur Assembly and the death of nine civilians in Ccpur and demanding separate administration for the tribals went off without much problem with mostly womenfolk on staying guard in most localities and at roadside of the Teddim Road.

Groups of womenfolk took turns to stage rallies upto the police station and shouted slogans demanding the police vacate the station. Sources said the police station has been earmarked by the people to bury the nine who died in the recent violence.

It may be recalled that on September 7, the JAC Churachandpur had send a letter to the Prime Minister to intervene in solving its problems.

In its letter, the JAC had also showed their disregard and distrust of the State government although Ashok Kumar secretary to the Chief Minister of Manipur had issued a press release stating that the bills will not apply in the hill districts.


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