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BJP fighting bye election for good governance: Chaoba

IMPHAL, October 28: The BJP Manipur Pradesh has said that it is contesting in the upcoming bye election under the motto `fight corruption for smooth and good Governance in the State` announced, Th Chaoba state BJP president.

The BJP president divulged this during a press conference convened at the party`™s head office officially announcing its two candidates to contest in the upcoming bye election scheduled to be held on November 21.

Chaoba informed that the BJP president has officially approved to allot party tickets to Th Biswajit and Kh Joykishan Singh, who will be contesting in Thangmeiband and Thongju constituencies respectively.

Prior to this, the candidature of the two former MLAs was unanimously approved by the central leaders after national parliamentary board meeting held on October 27 at New Delhi, continued Chaoba.

He further said that if the two candidates emerged victorious in the bye election it would become BJP`™s most significant tool to unearth the deep rooted corrupted politics of the congress.

Reacting to the decision of the Speaker of the Manipur Assembly which resulted in the suspension of three Trinamool congress MLAs and the subsequent bye election, Chaoba opined that the Speaker has scant knowledge of constitutional law and simply dictates the `lawless`™ Manipur Assembly.

Despite the disqualification, the High Court of Manipur overruled his (Speaker`™s) verdict as `wrong`™ when one of the MLA (Wangoi MLA) filed a petition to the court and retained his seat, which clearly indicates the lawlessness in the State, asserted the BJP president.

`We feel ashamed that despite the verdict of the High Court, the deputy Chief Minister continue to blame certain MLAs as immature`, said Chaoba.

Further claiming that the people of Manipur have been kept in the dark when it comes to implementation of national schemes and projects, the BJP Manipur president alleged that the National Food Security Act has already been implemented in the State even though the subsidised rice failed to reach the State for the year 2013-14-15.

The State ministers and MLAs have sold off all the rationed rice under the food security act outside the State till date, alleged Chaoba.

The controversial recruitment of 1000 police constables by the Congress government has been stayed by the High Court following complain of charging Rs 5 lakhs from each candidate which is testimony of the dirty politics played by the present government in the State.



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