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BJP is not Manipur friendly `“ Jyotin Waikhom

IMPHAL, October 10: The upcoming by-election to be held during November 2015 is going to be a very serious and keenly fought election and the public of Thangmeiband must choose and cast their valuable vote to elect a true and sensible leader said Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee secretary Jyotin Waikhom as Guest of Honour today during Block Congress Workers Conference.

The Block Congress Workers Conference was held at Ibudhou Naothingkhong Pakhangba Sanglen, Thangmeiband Lairenhanjaba Leikai.

He regretfully mentioned that the blame for the disqualification of MLAs was levelled at the Congress party, but this is unfair as they were disqualified only on the basis of their acts. It may be mentioned that Kh Joykishan was disqualified on November 27 May 2017 by a verdict of the Manipur Legislative Assembly Speaker/Tribunal.

He further mentioned that instead of appealing to the high court against his disqualification, Joykishan joined the BJP to contest the by-election on the BJP ticket.

Jyotin Waikhom said that BJP on the other hand is not friendly with the people of Manipur. The June 18 massacre is one remarkable example of how the party can trigger and provoke the peace and harmony among the people of Manipur, he charged.

He appealed to all the public not to be swept by the false promises made by the BJP.

President of the function MLA Nambol A/c N Loken Singh addressing the public of Thangmeiband said that contract workers turned politicians are needed to be checked, He cautioned people to be wary of them for their sole intention is to earn money through politics and further charged that Kh Joykishan is a contractor and could not do any good for the pubic of the Thangmeiband constituency as he will be so absorbed in money making.

He said the people of Manipur are given too much power, as compared to those in many advanced countries. He said he had the privilege to notice this during his foreign travels as an MLA.

As an example, he said that during the ILPS movement in the state he was worried to step outside fearing fracas with the rowdy agitators. He said this needs to be controlled.

MLA Loken said that former Thangmeiband MLA has been feeding paid news to promote himself through media channels. He also appealed to the media fraternity to check and balance the news item before printing or telecasting them.

PDA Chairman and Thanga MLA T Mangibabu as Chief Guest of the function mentioned that it is for the first time for Manipur Legislative Assembly will have by-election by disqualification. He continued that those veteran BJP members may be ethical but with the new members knows little ethics and act like goons.

Special fund package to uplift North East Region is being cancelled by Narendra Modi led BJP central government and he questioned why all from BJP Manipur Pradesh have been staying mute on the issue.

Instead, he claimed, BJP Manipur Pradesh is repeatedly and irresponsibly putting pressures the central Government to impose President Rule (PR).



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