Challenges in court hold up police promotion to fill vacant Inspector and DSP posts


IMPHAL, October 11: The police department is current entangled in court cases regarding its promotion plans to fill vacant posts of both Inspector of Police and Deputy Superintendent of Police.

As of September end, altogether 71 posts of Inspector of Police and further another 50 posts of Deputy Superintendent of Police continues to remain vacant, as the department is barred from promoting officers to fill them by the court.

It may be recalled, the IFP in its October 11 issue had highlighted the manner in which the police department`™s promotion move to fill the DSP posts were struck down by a ruling of the Manipur High Court. Another ruling of the same court has now barred the filling of the vacant Inspector posts as well.

The matter came to a head in the case of the DSP promotion because the Manipur Public Service Commission, MPSC, has so far been unable to hold DPC for the promotions, and the police department proceeded to have the promotion done from its seniority list.

However this move was challenged in the court successfully by candidates who would be at a loss, putting the matter in abeyance.

Once the final verdict comes, the vacancies will like have to be filled through a DPC conducted by the MPSC, according to a reliable source.

In the matter of the Inspector of Police promotion, the police department had already obtained the ACR and Vigilance clearance of the seniority list it prepared, but the court challenge has forestalled any further progress.

It may be recalled the police department had prepared its seniority list in 2013 and this had been notified in a gazette notification. However, candidates from other units newly brought under the police department challenged this list, therefore the current controversy.

The legal entangle has put the career of many police officer of the sub-inspector rank, who had joined service in 1982, 1984, 1986 and 1990, for they continue to be stuck without promotion despite so many years of service, and may end up retiring without the service benefit.


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