Man claims police Manipur Commandos of looting him of Rs 6 lakhs


IMPHAL, October 22: A man has accused Manipur Police Commandos of abducting, assaulting and looting him of Rs Rs 6 lakh on Ocotber 21.

The man identified as Md Atawer Rahman, 30 son of Alhaj Yusuf Ali of Lilong Haoreibi Turel Ahanbi identified himself himself as a small time businessman running a shop `AR Enterprises`™ at Lilong Bazar.

Speaking from his hospital bed at Noor Hospital and Research Institute, Lilong said on October 21 morning on learning that economic blockade has been imposed on the national highways, he rushed to Thangal Bazar to buy some materials for his shop and clear dues of his earlier transaction.

`I went to the bazaar alone holding Rs 6 lakhs in a bag, riding a diesel auto. I got down infront of Johnstone Higher Secondary School gate and walked towards DK Steel, Thangal Bazaar passing the Old Assembly Road.`

Near the Tombisana School compound, he said he saw three-four police commandos conducting a checking and called him when they saw him.

`First they asked me where I was going to which I answered that I am going to DK Steel, Thangal Bazaar and I am from Lilong.`

He said he usually buys iron rods from DK Steel, Thangal Bazar and cement from AU Brothers, Mantripukhri for his shop.

`They started using abusive language and called me names,` he said.

He said when he replied back that he was only a small time businessman, the police commandos became angry and slapped him.

`Soon after they found the money in my bag and accused me of being a UG cadre who had collected the money from Paona Bazar as party fund,` he said.

He said he replied that the money were to get new materials and clear his dues at DK Steel, Thangal Bazaar and AU Brothers, Mantripukhri.

He continued, disregarding his statement, the police Commandos continued to slap him and enquired about his party.

Then they took out a mobile phone and started recording asking him to confirm that he was a UG cadre, he said.

`I denied and told them that I had never involved in any illegal activities in my whole life.`

He said then the police commandoes blind folded him and made him to sit on a motorcycle.

`I was then taken to a place. After climbing a stair, my blind fold was removed.`

`I tried to look around but they pushed me inside a room holding my neck.`

`They tied my hand and feet and forced a pill inside my mouth.`

`After sometime I slept of.`

`When I woke up my cell phone inside my pocket was ringing. I pushed my hands to my pocket and manage to remove the phone. I dialled the first number in my dialled list which happens to be a close friend from my locality.`

He said his friend answered the call but before he could provide any detail information the police commandos came and snatched away his cell phone.

`They started beating me, kicking me with their boots and used a stick to roll on my back muscles which was very painful. I scream for help but they make fun of it.`

`After sometime they blind folded me again and put me in a four-wheeler.`

After driving for around 15-20 minutes, he said he was first released a hillock.

`Firing two shots by my side they told me to run. But I did not run.`

`I prayed for my life to them again and again.`

`That time I saw that the car was a (Maruti) A-star but the colour was not sure as it was dark.`

As he did not run the police commandos put him back to the car blind folded, hands and legs tried and mouth sealed with a handkerchief, he said.

`They drove for around 20 min again according to my calculation.`

After releasing his hands and legs, and removing his blind fold, he said he was kicked out of the car telling him that the place was near the shop he wanted to go.

`I realized that I was infront of (former chief minister) Rishang Keishing`™s residence at Mantripukhri near an oil pump.`

`I tried to note down the registration number of the car but there was no registration number plate on it. However I saw the colour of the car by the flash light of a vehicle behind. It was a Silver colour car.`

`I walked and crawled towards AU Brothers shop at Mantripukhri and from there my family members were informed,` he said.

He said his family members first took him to JNIMS where he was administered pain killers and first aid.

He was discharged from JNIMS at round 1 am but after reaching home he started complaining of breathlessness, exhaustion and muscle pain so he was readmitted at Noor Hospital and Research Institute, Lilong.

He said he saw the nameplates of three police commandos, James, Ratan and Bishorjit.

Two of them were holding pistols, and two of them were holding AK Rifles, and they were all wearing police uniforms, he said.

Four people were actively involved in this crime, he added.

Meanwhile, in connection with this incident a public meeting was held today at Lilong Bazaar where a JAC was formed.

The meeting strongly condemned the inaction of the Police Department even after knowing the names and whereabouts of the four personnel.

The meeting demanded dismissal of the four police commandos involved in the alleged incident and government to return the 6 lakh to the victim in hand by October 23.

If the demands are not fulfilled from October 24 onwards Lilong Bazaar road will be blocked and various forms of agitations will be launched, the JAC said.


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