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Modi wave failing in Bihar: Dr M Nara

IMPHAL, October 16: Manipur State Council Communist Party of India general secretary Dr M Nara has said that the Modi wave has failed to woo voters in the ongoing Bihar Assembly Election.

Dr M Nara, who is also a national executive member of the CPI, is currently stationed in Bihar for election campaign of the left party in the State.

Speaking over the phone from Patna, Dr Nara informed that Left Front had fielded candidates in all the 243 constituencies during the first phase of the State assembly election of Bihar which commenced from October 12.

He further elaborated that of the total 243 seats the Left Front`™s ally CPI alone has fielded the fray for 101 seats while the CPM and CPI-ML are contesting in the remaining seats.

Currently the ongoing election is a triangular fight between the JD (U), NDA and left front he continued, and added voting has begun for the second phase from today.

He further claimed that so far the Left Front is apparently dominating the election.

Dr Nara also said that during the initial stage of the first phase, speculation doing the round suggested that the `Modi Wave`™ will sweep across Bihar, however, the speculations have been reduced to a mere hype, held Dr Nara.

The result of the election will speak for itself the credibility of the Left Front, he said adding that he will further take part in the campaign.



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