Private school teachers dejected by salary deduction


IMPHAL, October 19: Teachers and staff of some private schools have expressed unhappiness against the decree of the Joint Students`™ Coordinating Committee on private schools to deduct 50 percent from their monthly salaries for the month of July and August.

Speaking to this reporter, some teachers who asked not to be identified said their salaries are much less as compared to that of a government teacher and it would be unacceptable to take home just 50 percent of the monthly salaries.

Teachers and staff of the private schools had all wholeheartedly supported the Inner Line Permit System movement in the State, they claimed.

The private school teachers have also always extended their maximum effort in teaching the students as compared to the government school teachers, they said.

A teacher from one of the reputed girls`™ school in Imphal said inspite of all the hurdles they are facing they have been taking extra classes to cover the loss time for the benefit of the students.

It is quite unfortunate, that the student committee seems to focus only on the private schools while overlooking the government schools, the private school teachers lamented.

Now, the fate of the private school teachers is that we are facing pressure from both the school authorities and the JSCC even though we are working hard, one of them told this reporter.

While we are being asked by the school authorities to complete the syllabus well in time which is quite daunting considering all the time lost, our salaries have also been deducted, they chorused.

`At the same time we don`™t get any allowances unlike our government counterparts.`

They further appealed to the concerned to review the decision to deduct their salaries considering their grievances.


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