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Thadou tribe to hold cultural fest in March 2016

IMPHAL, Oct 14: The Thadou tribe has convened to hold a Thadou Culture Festival in March 2016 at Champhai Keithelmanbi under Sadal Hills to promote and conserve its cultural and traditional identity especially among the younger generation from encroachment from others, said Thangtinlen Haokip Secretary Thadou Inpi General Head Quarter today.

Speaking in the sideline of a meeting for the Thadou tribes `Pu Chon-Pachon Thua Kihoulim Khomna` held at the Imphal Hotel today, Haokip said that the main idea of the meeting is to promote the Thadou culture and traditions and safeguard their identity and costume used since time immemorial.

He further said that during today`™s meeting, politicians, representatives of civil societies, village chiefs, and tribe leaders of Thadou agreed unanimously to organize the culture festival.

The Thadou leaders from Sadar Hills, Senapati, CCpur and Candel had chalked out the plans for the upcoming cultural festival, he said.

General secretary of Thadou Youth Association Kakai said that the Thadou is known as the largest community among the hills tribes in the State.

But we are still facing cultural encroachment from the Kuki, so we have to promote and conserve the cultural identity, folklores and traditional court system of the Thadous.



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