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Zo Reunification Organisation shows support to `anti-tribal` bills movement in Manipur

CHURACHANDPUR, October 21: The Zo Re-Unification Organisation (ZRO) through its co-ordinator/secretary GAD Hangshyanthang has issued a press statement today saying that the ZRO backs and appreciates the effort of the many apex bodies or organisations like the Zomi Council, Kuki Inpi, Hmar Innpi, MPC, the JPO and student unions of the district and the formation of the JAC against the three `anti-tribal`™ bills passed on August 31 in the Manipur State Assembly.

The second point of the press statement said that apart from opposing the three bills, the UPF and KNO are together demanding separate administration for the Tribal of Manipur which, it says, may hopefully be productive sooner than later.

In their third point, the ZRO has requested all particularly the Zomis to support the common goal and unity of the UPF and KNO and not to cause a hindrance to the cause while further saying that the ZRO will not tolerate any act of sabotaging the unified effort for a separate administration for the hills people, most particularly from the Zomi groups of Manipur and added any act of sabotage will be considered as `very serious,` and those who stand on the way of this unified efforts coming from the UPF and KNO will have to bear the consequences of their action.



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