Tamenglong bus arrives safely on a rugged ravine one way road from Imphal


Tamenglong, November 27: In a rare feat of dare and bare travel, a Passenger Bus `Gaisuakngam` (MN 01-1448) that operates between Tamenglong and Imphal took the road less traveled by such a bigger size vehicle.

It took the short-cut road from Rangkhung area at Imphal-Tamenglong Road, that climbs up steep hills and ravines. The road is basically a `one way` IVR that is suitable only for Cruiser and Bolero size vehicles.

Today, the driver Basanta (Rongmei) of the bus `Gaisuakngam` decided to try this shortcut out and make a history.

Along with his 20 passengers and their luggage they started from Imphal at around 6:30 am. After their brief halt at Noney they travel for a few kilometer and veered up the blue mountain ravine road.

The so called `Short-Cut Road of Tamenglong` which was opened on trial basis just a year ago is not tarred and untamed with innumerable potholes and merciless mire in monsoon season and dust in the cruel winter.

This is the first ever travel undertaken by such a big size vehicle in such a crammed jungle IVR where there are stretches of hundreds of meters of high cliffs after crossing New Phalong village.

The driver of Gaisuakngam confessed that the back of his bus hit corners of rocks at several areas of the turnings.

The adventurous bus arrived Tamenglong safely at around 2 pm, which otherwise would be take 2-3 hours longer if it go by normal Khongsang Road. This adventure also signifies the yearnings of the people of Tamenglojng for a better and shorter road to the state capital of Manipur.


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