Time to rise up for a new and better Manipur: Gaikhangam


IMPHAL, November 28: Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam said Manipur will become developed only when there is mutual respect among the communities with equal development and it is the right time to rise up together for a new and better Manipur.

He was speaking at the first Educational Communication cum felicitation programme of the Al-Amen Educational Society held at the DM College Multi-purpose Hall, which was organised by the Al-Ameen Dr Mumtaz Ahmed Khan Educational and Welfare Trust, Manipur.

Gaikhangam said Manipur will be developed on all aspects soon. The future will be different, he said.

Citing the saying “Learn from the yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow,” he said the people need to act accordingly.

He elaborated the present generation should not sideline the past, but should learn from the past to strengthen the nation today.

Gaikhangam said the aim and objective of setting up of Al-Ameen Dr Mumtaz Ahmed Khan Educational and Welfare Trust is to uplift the standard of humanity and to make human society through education.

It is give immense happiness for taken up such activity for the betterment and welfare of the people and to give many service in many educational institutions.


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