6-yr old with harpoon penetrated inside skull succesfully operated upon


IMPHAL, December 28: In an achievement in the field of medical surgery in the State, a team of doctors of Shija Hospitals and Research Institute led by senior consultant neurosurgeon Dr Kh Vyas successfully removed a harpoon stuck inside the skull of 6 years old boy.

According to a press release of Shija Hospitals & Research Institute, on December 20, Ningthoujam Sumanta Meitei, 6 son of N Loken from Kumbi Haotat Tampha Khunou, Bishnupur was brought to Shija Emergency and Trauma Centre with a harpoon stuck two inch inside his left side head.

The boy was injured the same day around 1 pm while playing with another child.

The boy was admitted in the Neurosurgery ICU under Dr. Kh. Vyas, it said.

A CT Brain Examination was advised to determine the severity of internal injury. But it was not an easy task to take the CT scan because the harpoon was 100 cm long and it could not easily pass through the gantry (a circular and rotating part of the CT scanner), it said.

It was found that the tip of the penetrating harpoon was stuck inside the brain known as left Peri Sylvian region, it stated.

Subsequently the boy was operated on the same day by a team of doctors led by Dr. Kh. Vyas and the harpoon was successfully removed. During the course of surgery, it was found that the depth of harpoon’s penetration was 2 inches within the skull. The patient recovered well following the surgery and was discharged from the hospital on December 25 with no neurological deficit, the release said.


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