Award wapsi sans the heartbeat of humanity


By Salil Gewali


If you think that education makes one wise, truthful, compassionate, tolerant and forgiving then you’re totally wrong. The educated in India are outrageously more dangerous than the illiterate. Uneducated fools could have far more sense of wisdom and integrity than the so-called educated who espouse the most bizarre ideas. They artfully move about with agendas, often orchestrated by a certain political party who lust after only power than the country that nourishes them. Evidently filled with the poison of prejudices, the literary cabal is vehemently against some while fervently in favor of the certain others.

Well, the country is now virtually being pushed into the mire of hopelessness by this brigand of venal intellectuals and media folks who snobbishly gloat over having command over the ENGLISH and its baggage. They think they can do anything. With the swanky western rhymes and rhythm they joyfully demean and scoff at the culture and values they have taken birth in…!!

They often pounce upon any petty issues that will bring ill-name to a certain community. Marathon debates are called to aggravate the situation which is often craftily designed to defame Hindus. Yes, these media outfit heartlessly ignore and undermine the terrors and persecution faced by the tolerant community.

The recent spurt of “award wapsi” has clearly exposed how selectively biased those so-called artistes are and how willfully they go astray from the path of integrity and values. Well, these intellectuals drugged with opium of favoritism had maintained the deafening silence while over 5 lakhs of Kashmiris were deported from their own native land which witnessed their brutal massacre. The heart-wrenching carnage of 1984 never prompted such intellectuals to return the awards presented by the blood-stained hand of the then Government. Again, innumerably frequent inhuman bombings and blasts during UPA regimes by a certain section of terror modules targeting others never stirred the sensibility of the literary group. They never raised any voice of anger against such inhuman intolerance. Were their hearts so insensitive and their intellectual nerves so numb when the blast after blast convulsed the nation that killed the countless innocent people?

But those educated — who swear by free-thinking and free expression, but overburdened with prejudices, go insane when one or two non-Hindus get killed in the country which has long been parched in the heat of blatant provocation, dogmatism and belligerence of a certain community against the other. The thing gets exceedingly worse when the rapacious paid media overplays the issues and thereby jeopardizes the communal harmony in the country.

It has already been unearthed that people from a certain ‘tolerant community’ have been found to be working openly or discreetly for ISIS. Why such intellectuals are silent against this ominously dangerous rise of the terrorism which knows no language of humanity and totally against the sacred tenets of any religious faiths on earth?

Yes, killings, murders or any kind of criminal acts by any one must be fully condemned and thus the fitting punishment is awarded irrespective of the caste, creed, and race of the perpetrators. But in India some cases are so over hyped and over discussed while some others are mercilessly undermined and muted.

Why are we so choosy in expressing the human emotion and compassion towards the hapless? Is this not totally unethical and unpardonable and also unconstitutional in any civil society?

I’m afraid, such selective sympathy and tolerance and open aversion to the other rest will break the country into pieces. Alas, the phoney roar of the intolerance by so-called intellectuals has quite scared away a slew of economical of opportunities as invited from the foreign lands by the most shrewd, innovative and enthusiastic PM Modi.

Thus, let’s learn first to feel the heart-beat of humanity than the art of hypocrisy to defame the country.


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