DC Senapati urges communities to maintain peace, harmony


KANGPOKPI, December 1: Deputy Commissioner, Senapati Jacintha Lazarus while inaugurating administrative office building of Kuki Students’ Organization, Sadar Hills emphasized the importance of peace and harmony among every community in the society and urged to recoil from violence.

The Administrative office building in the heart of Kangpokpi town was constructed in commemoration of Late Paolenlal Chongloi and Late Paosat Kipgen, who were allegedly killed in mob violence at Nongbrang in 2009.

Speaking as chief guest, the lady Deputy Commissioner continued that the administrative office building of KSO Sadar Hills standing in the heart of the town is an apt memorial kind of thing for everyone to ensure that we shun violence in the society.

She suggested the student body to develop the memorial administrative building as an information centre for the student community in the area while assuring to help them in such preparation in the interest of the student community.

The inaugural function of the KSO Sadar Hills administrative office building was attended by Seikhomang Khongsai, president, Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills and Paotinthang Lupheng, president, KSO GHQ as guest of honour and president respectively.

Jacintha Lazarus inaugurated the building after unveiling the inaugural stone while KSO GHQ President Paotinthang Lupheng administered hoisting of KSO flag in the top floor of the building in the presence of DC Senapati, Addl. DC Kangpokpi DK. Thangboi and other dignitaries, social leaders and church leaders.

A one-minute condolence was also observed by the congregate as a tribute to the departed of souls of Paolenlal Chongloi and Paokhosat alias paosat Kipgen while Rev. J. Lunkim invoked blessing prayer for the student body as well as the bereaved family members.

Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills President, Seikhomang Khongsai lauded the tireless efforts of KSO Sadar Hills executive members and other contributors for the succesful construction of the building while KSO GHQ President said it is a historic day for the student body since KSO Sadar Hills has a proper and concrete building as its administrative office.

Narrating the background of the infamous Nongbrang killing where the two executive of KSO Shillong Late Paolenlal Chongloi and Paokhosat Kipgen were allegedly killed in mob violence, KSO Sadar Hills General Secretary, Lamcha Chongloi said that it was during the time of year when Christians all over the world prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace and a home coming season for people to come home and celebrate Christmas together with their families and love ones that the infamous Nongbrang killing incident took place.

He continued that on that fateful day of December 22 in 2009 Paokhosat alias Paosat Kipgen, son of Lhungkhojang Kipgen of Bongbal Khullen, Sadar Hills and Paolenlal Chongloi, son of Chongkhothang Chongloi of Keithelmanbi, Military Colony, Sadar Hills came all the way from Shillong where pursued their studies to spend Christmas together with their families after a hiatus of 2/3 years.

Unfortunately, on the way to Bongbal Khullen, a mob of Nongbrang villagers waylaid and inhumanely bludgeoned them to death, Lamcha added.

Paolenlal Chongloi was a promising M.Com. student of NEHU and the Secretary, Social & Culture of KSO Shillong while Paokhosat alias Paosat Kipgen was the Secretary, Games & Sports, KSO Shillong who had just finished his graduation and was also selected as Sub-Inspector (SI) under CPO, Lamcha Chongloi narrated.

He further said that the Kuki students all over the country were filled with grief and sorrow on learning the death of their two young leaders since it was the first of its kind in the history of KSO that its leaders have died while in office.

“The two young prospective leaders had innumerable contribution for the Kuki students”, said Lamcha Chongloi before adding that it was a great lost for the Kuki student community in particular and others in general.

As such, we dedicated this office complex to the memory of our departed two young leaders so that we may continue to remember them not only in our hearts but through this structure to show the world that violence is the greatest enemy for the student community and emphasize the need to shun violence.

Meanwhile, KSO Sadar Hills President, Thangminlen Kipgen pointed out that KSO GHQ donated Rs. 5 lacs, IFC Minister Ngamthang Haokip Rs.4 lacs, MP Fund Rs. 3.6 lacs, MLA Nemcha Kipgen Rs. 2 lacs, Haokholal Hangshing, Chairman ADC Sadar Hills-Rs.60,000/- and Kpi and Saitu chiefs donates Rs.1.8 lacs for the successful construction of the building and expressed heartfelt gratitude to all the donors for their generous contribution towards the student community while paying homage to the departed two leaders.


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