Major traffic regulations effected in Imphal city


IMPHAL, Dec 29: Director of Transport in exercise of the power conferred under 115 and 117 of the MV Act, 1988 ordered ‘No Parking Zones’, ‘Parking Places’ ,‘One-Way Traffic’ and traffic regulations in and around Imphal city with immediate effect and until further orders.

According to an order of the Director, Thangal Bazar, Paona Bazar, Alugali, BT Road, MG Avenue and Dharmasala fall under ‘No Parking Zones’ while ‘One-Way Traffic’ will be applied to vehicles entering from BT Road along Paona Bazar and Thangal Bazar.

Johnstone School (western side) along the eastern side of road leading to the State Museum, in front of MPP Office/Shopping Complex (eastern of the road adjacent to the Polo Ground), Polo Ground Maning Parking, Nagamapal stretch, Wahengbam Leikai stretch and Naga Nallah (covered portion) subject to improvement works fall under ‘Parking Places’.

Keishampat Bus Bay is to be utilised as Public Parking once ISBT, Dewlahland become operational under PPP mode after necessary arrangements are made by the Transport Department, the Director said in the order.


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