‘More than Rs 6 crore fine and excise duty on liquor raked in during April to Dec, 2015’


IMPHAL, December 30: The State government had collected Rs 6,79,59,098 during the period of April to December this year including compound fine and excise duty from the defence and paramilitary forces, according to Assistant Commissioner of department of Excise Ch Joykumar Singh.

Joykumar was speaking to media persons in the sideline of the burning of 1015 litres of local made liquor and can beers in the compound of the department at Lamphel.

He said starting from April 1 till December last, the department has deposited compound fine total of Rs 15,62,700 to the State government.

There are 39 check posts spread across the entire State checking illegal ferrying of local made liquors and Indian Made Foreign Liquor, he said.

Altogether 23,173 litres of illegal local liquor and 375 bottles of IMFL have already been destroyed during the period and 1459 cases registered, he added.

Joykumar continued the excise duty collected from the Defence and paramilitary forces alone for their use of IMFL is Rs 6,79,59,098, which has been deposited to the government.

The assistant commissioner further expressed that the department would be able to catch more illegal ferrying of liquor if the department is provided full-fledged infrastructure and man power.

He said 40 staff of the department will get retirement by February 2016, and by 2019 maximum number of staff will get retirement.

Joykumar said he himself is getting retired in February 2016.


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