New political party based on Gandhian values launched


IMPHAL, December 23: A regional political party named ‘The North East India Development Party (NEIDP)’ with its office at Sagolband Tera Loukrakpam Leikai, Imphal West was launched today.

Speaking at the launch party, president of the newly floated party Narengbam Samarjit Singh said that the aim of the party is to serve the people of the North East India based on Gandhian values and ideals.

He said one among its aim is also to build a democratic and corruption free North East region drawing inspiration from our rich heritage and the noble traditions of the struggle for independence.

He expressed that the basic ideology of NEIDP is to foster democracy in all dimensions of the party including economic, political, social and cultural through the learning from our ancient history and the freedom struggle within the Gandhian frame work.

He said the political party will ensure transparency and accountability in governance and will work for the establishment of minimum government and maximum welfare for all.

He said the NEIDP stands for social justice and removal of disparities in opportunities.

The party aims to create a ‘Smart Society’ with a political government in the entire North East powerful in its legitimate domain and minimal elsewhere.

Having 151 members, the regional political party has 34 office bearers including one president, two vice-presidents, four general secretaries, one treasurer, eight joint secretaries, 10 executive members and eight district representatives.

Further in his speech, he said the party has adopted a draft constitution comprising of 52 aims and objectives and preparations have been completed for registration to the Election Commission of India at the earliest.


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