Tangkhul bodies condemn police firing at Somrei village


IMPHAL, December 29: The Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong and Tangkhul Shanao Long led by their respective presidents Joel Angkang and SC Ringluiwon went for a spot enquiry of the reported skirmishes between a mob and police personnel at K Somrei village which had resulted in the personnel firing shots injuring two minors, a woman and a teacher.

The apex bodies condemned the firing on December 27 in front of the Anupam Bridge Concrete Infrastructure Pvt Ltd by Manipur Police who were stationed there as security for the workers of the company.

Joel Angkang alleged that the police had fired upon the people of K Somrei who had come to the ABCI came to enquire about an alleged assault on a villager Anando Chithung by the security personnel.

He further said that apart from the bullet injuries sustained by four individuals, the security personnel had assaulted four others.

The live bullet firing was preceded by molestation and harassment of the Somrei village womenfolk by intoxicated commando personnel during a Christmas social gathering on the 26 of December which had compelled announcement through the loud speaker to pacify the commotion. The commando personnel were supposedly furious, claimed SC Ringluiwon.

The Apex bodies also issued a press statement on the issue and demanded strict actions against the erring commandoes and remarked that such cowardly acts by people in uniform are considered to be the highest level of abuse of civilian rights.

Several other teams also visited the Somrei village in the aftermath including the Tangkhul Aze Katamnao Long (TAKL) team and Saikul Area Naga Peoples’ Organisation (SANPO) team and issued separate press release condemning the incident.

In a separate press release, the TAKL has demanded termination of the police personnel including the Officer in-charge and removal of their camp from the village.

They further urged the Home Department to deliver justice to the victims at the earliest.

SANPO, while joining the condemnation, blamed the negligence of the Post Commander for firing the live bullets which resulted in critical injury of Shinglai Shimreiwon and three others.

The statement said that after undergoing abdomen operation and removal of two feet length intestine she is still in a critical condition at Shija Hospital.

SANPO further demanded immediate inquiry into the incident to bring justice and restore the trust and confidence of the people on Police Commandoes.


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