Why the BJP won in two constituencies of Manipur?


By Kharingyo Henry Shimrah


BJP win two assembly seat in Manipur: Notwithstanding the generally known actuality that the Manipur BJP has been becoming gradually and consistently in numbers subsequent to the last Lok Sabha races, ebb and flow results in get together by-election that speak to the winning both seats that went to the analyzes that is Thangmeiband at the heart of Imphal city and Thongju has got numerous vote by conveying a strong signer to Congress. We the concern citizen trust that if this pattern proceeds with then the Chief Minister chair is set for a BJP triumph in the get together decisions due in Manipur election on 2017. What is prone to happen throughout the following year before the 2017 races is the defection of Congress pioneers to the BJP, as it has happened in Assam. We feel that there is a political reason behind why the congress has lost the by-election in two constituencies to BJP in Manipur.

The party is known by its leader: The BJP and congress has many new dynamic young educated faces lining up in the leadership position for 2017 election. The party leaders are the voice of party; he/she should be work under the law of the land by accepting that they are ready to do good thing for the welfare of the people. Whereas, the Congress completely fails to understand these philosophy by accepting backdoor appointment and promoting corruption in every level in the entire government department in Manipur. There is none in congress; the leaders like Col. Nasser in Egypt, Nkrumah in Ghana, Patrice Lumumba, in Congo, Abdul Rahman in Malaysia, Sihanouk in Cambodia and PM Modiji in BJP are some good example of the charismatic personality based leadership. There are many educated youngsters who have heart and mind for social change were contesting election in BJP and many were supporting to them because we think they deserve one chance in Manipur. We have had enough experienced in congress rule that electing right candidates in wrong party; this time we will not repeat the same mistake.

Let us recall the Manipur politics: Since the first CM of the state in 1963, Manipur has seen severe political instability resulting in the President’s Rule being imposed on ten different occasions. After Mr. Rishang Keishing (INC), 1981-­88, no other political party or leader has given the state political stability. Starting from March 4, 1988 to March 6, 2002, the state had witnessed three President’s Rule tenures and six Chief Ministers. Okram Ibobi Singh has ruled for third term but his congress party completely fails the Manipur state in many ways but we should fix the broken part by giving chance to BJP. I recall how my families support to congress; my late grandpa was illiterate when the election campaign comes to our village, he just shows his hand as a symbol of supporting to the congress. However, the congress has fade all his colors and become the most corrupted and insurgencies accomplice for power in the state.

On the other hand, when we recollect the Indian politics system; there is one party dominant system in the post independence era with Indian National Congress rising to pre-eminent, as the pre-dominant political party both in the centre and the state government level, since the congress party spearheaded the freedom struggle in India.

It was the most influential among the masses. In the periods between 1975-1977 emergency was imposed by the congress government and consequently it lost the election to the Janata Party in the period 1977-79. In 1980, the congress party once again regained power at the centre. So was the case in 1984. However since 1999 onward the era of ‘one party dominance’ could be said to be ended. The implications of true multi-party system were evident in India. Since 1989, one party has been unable to form secure either an absolute or even a working majority in any of the election that follow until 2014 election, where the BJP got absolute majority in the centre. Until the BJP rules in the center, the era of coalition politics has been continuing after the congress lost the political balance, complete with attended feature of uncertainty and short-lived coalition government exist under UPA. The reign of the BPJ start in the centre and by knowing it, the people of Manipur vote for BJP in two constituencies and it will be the best matching if the BJP won in Manipur 2017 election, because unlike congress the BJP will make the Imphal city as smart city with full employment and reducing corruption rate in the state.

Meitei and Tribal crisis: In a state like Manipur which has ethnic dispute between the Nagas, tribals and the Meiteis, many people believe that Gaikhangam, the president of the INC, is a tool of Ibobi to maintain peace between the two ethnic groups. However, Congress government was wrong in their politics while dealing with Meitei and Tribal. And Mr. Gaikhangam, has fail to work for peace between the Nagas and the Meiteis under congress rule in Manipur, for it is believed by many people, including me. Thereby, the entire tribal will never vote for congress in the upcoming election. BJP in centre and state BJP are ready to solve the crisis between Meitei and tribal without effecting the right and interest of both the parties through peaceful coexistence, which I really appreciated.

Regional party: Some of the regional parties in India are; Naga People Frond (NPF)in Manipur and Nagaland, The Manipur People Front in Manipur, Assom Gana Parishad (Assam), Mizo National Front (Mizoram), Sikkim Sangram Parishad (Sikkim), National Conference (Jammu & Kashmir), the Telugu Desam Party (Andra Pradesh), the Dravida Munnetra Khazagam (DMK) and the Tamil Mannila Congress in Tamil Nadu, Akhil Dal in Panjub, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha in Jharkhand, Shive Sena in Maharastra in additional to a host of other regional parties. All these regional parties merge with mostly to Congress and BJP in Indian politics. However, BJP are the opposition party in Delhi and Bihar but all the regional party alliances with BJP will get benefited for some reason in the current political scenario.

In conclusion, the absolute enjoyment of power and absence of any real and healthy pressure group made the congress party corrupt beyond the measure and ultimately it lost its legitimacy. It is the time the citizen of Manipur including young and old to give a chance to BJP in Manipur. Be prepared to welcome the new government in Manipur; people of Manipur has been sending out a strong message to congress that the BJP reign is welcoming in the state by knowing the victories in two constituency of Manipur. I am not the affiliated to any political parties but just a concern citizen of India.


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